Quick Review & Install of a Simple Paragon Lock Wall Safe – Quick Video Guide

Hey all, I thought I would share this quick project I did to install a wall safe into our master closet. I was looking for an affordable wall safe for our valuables that I could discretely install in the corner of our closet.

So I chose a wall safe I found on Amazon that had over 5,000 reviews and seemed like it fit our needs. So I figured I would share a quick review of this product.

Why do I like this safe?

  • Affordable (Under $100) Paragon Wall Safe
  • Electronic & Key Safe
  • Enough storage for my needs (Money, important documents, jewelry)
  • Flush to the wall so I can make it discreet

Some Cons?

  • Not fireproof, but you can always use a fire bag if you are worried.
  • Might be easy for a professional thief to break into (I am not worried about this)

Honestly, I am a simple person, with simple needs. It does the job for me. I am just looking to deter an opportunist thief. Let’s say a contractor, cleaner, or just someone else in our house for some reason. Obviously, someone could rip this out of the wall but then I think I have bigger problems.

Here is a step-by-step process on how I installed this wall safe into our closet.

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