Places I have Traveled

Since I met my beautiful wife in 2009, we shared the same vision of working hard, and traveling the world in our free time. Here are some places that we have traveled and what we loved about them!


September 10


We traveled to the G2 conference and had some fun with some old friends of ours! Great time, we love Chicago!
May 1

Greece – Athens & Santorini

August 15

Germany, Czech Republic & Poland

June 4

Chicago, IL

May 17

Seattle Washington

November 3


Went went to Mumbia, Ahmedabad, New Delhi. We went on this trip so we could spend time with the PSDCenter Team and also experience the culture in India. It was an experience we will always remember. I do love Indian Food!
April 5

San Fransisco, California

April 18

Honeymoon Travels

London, England – It was a first stop after our wedding. We roamed the city, chilled with Big Ben, ate food, drank, and went to a speak easy called Night Jar. Good times! Paris, France – The city of love. We took the underground train from London. Got to experience the lights flash on the Eiffel Tower at 10pm, ate until 4am at Au Pied de Cochon, and walked the streets. Milan, Italy – Probably one of my favorite locations in Italy. Smaller city, ate at restaurants where  they did not speak english, and got lost roaming the city. Rome,..Read More
August 8


I traveled to Honduras to play against the U17 Honduras National soccer team. Our HSC Arsenal team won our second game against them. Unreal moment when Johnny put the ball in back fo the net.
April 14

Traveled to Columbia, South America

When I was 12 years old I traveled with 14 US Players to Columbia, South America to play in a soccer tournament.