HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband – Product Review

My wife got me this cool HORUSDY Magnetic Wristband. I am always working on DIY projects around the house. While I am in the middle of the project, I am always looking for a screw or nail I needed to use. This can get super frustrating!

So she was really thoughtful and bought me this magnetic wristband. This way I can attach a few nails or screws to the magnetic wristband so I do not lose them mid-project. 🙂 So I wanted to share my honest review of this product.

You can find this product on Amazon Here:



  • You can easily have extra nails & screws on your wristband so you can get to them when you are working on your project
  • High-quality material, it will be durable and should not tear or break apart when you are bumping it around while you are working


  • The wristband does not fit around my wrist without the velcro flap hanging out (I might have a smaller wrist, not sure)


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