DIY Burgess Mosquito Fogger – Product Review

Since I have been a homeowner I have had the chance to do a lot of DIY projects. So I figured since I am spending the time & money buying products, I wanted to share my experiences.

A bit of background on my situation:

We have a fenced-in backyard in and during our summers, pesky mosquitos are flying around ruining our fun. So I started researching and was going to pay a professional to get rid of mosquitoes but they charge around $75 per visit. They typically sell in blocks of 10 treatments. That is $750 per season!!!!

So I figured I would try to save some money and do it myself!

Pro Tip:

If you are trying to control mosquitos, I recommend you follow the standard best practices to stop the breeding of mosquitoes. The number one step is to remove any standing water. Mosquitos love to breed in standing water like dog bowls, pots, and other things laying around in your backyard! Step 1 is to remove any breeding grounds, after that, you can start fogging!

Here is the Burgess Mosquito Fogger that I used for my backyard!

Here is where you can buy the kit:

Here are the pros:

  • Total setup cost is only $125+ (If you are going to use Mosquito Authority or other major brands they charge about $75 per visit)
  • A good amount of fog per squeeze
  • Seems to do a good job holding off mosquitos for the day if I have a party

Here are the cons:

  • You are working with chemicals so make sure you are wearing proper attire and protection
  • The container is deep so you need to fill the reservoir about halfway or you will not get much fog
  • If you have a huge backyard, I would probably recommend getting a professional

This is not a bad purchase if you are looking to save some money rather than paying for a professional service.

2020 Update: I have been using this product for 2 seasons now. No issues so far. I love the product and keeps our backyard mosquito free for a couple of days! I usually fog about every two weeks.


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