How to make Blaze the Red Monster Truck Costume – DIY

So Halloween was coming up and I wanted to have a Halloween costume my daughter would love. I would have built this for my daughter but she already had a really pretty Minnie mouse costume for herself!

So I thought about other shows she loves right now. She is obsessed with Blaze the Red Truck and I thought it would be really cool if I built Blaze and surprised her on Halloween by wearing it before we went out for the night.

So here is a quick tutorial if you are looking to make something similar out of cardboard and some household supplies.

Here is what I used to build the project:

  • Cardboard Boxes/Paper Bags/ Paper
  • Spray Paint (Red, Black, Yellow)
  • Hot glue gun/regular glue
  • Tape
  • 4 Bolts & Lug Nuts

Here is the final product, Blaze the Red Truck! (Tutorial Below)

Honestly, you can use this DIY tutorial if you are looking to build a car, train, monster truck of more. I think this is flexible for all those options.

Video Tutorial (Step by step with pictures below)

Step 1 – Get two boxes for the base, and spray paint them red

Find two boxes and spray paint them red.

Step 2 – Make your windshield

Use some painter’s tape so you can easily spray paint within the area you want your windshield to go.

Step 3 – Make the tires and fasten them

Cut out some wheels from cardboard and spray paint them black. I made them thicker by doubling them up and hot gluing some paper bags on the inside of the tires.

Fasten the wheels with lug nuts to the base so you can keep them in place.

Step 4 – Cut out where your body will fit

I cut a hole in the base for my body to go in. I made it slightly bigger than my waist. This made it a very snug fit.

Step 5 – Add accessories like the jet propellors, wing, hood scoop, face, and more

This was the fun part that really started to make it look like Blaze. Again, I just used some cardboard, hot glue, and some spray paint.

Step 6 – Make straps so you can easily wear it

I had some extra straps for my truck and figured I could cut them and make some straps that will go around my shoulders. I poked a hole in the cardboard, pushed the strap through, and tied a not on the other side.

My daughter loved it!

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