Wine Making Starter Kit – For Newbies making Small Batches

As I was thinking about 2023 goals I made a goal I was going to reach out to my old friends. Thinking about the past brought back memories of the times we used to drink my friend’s dad’s homemade wine. I thought to myself, what if I tried to make homemade wine?

So I dove right into Youtube videos to see how people are doing it. This is where I found out about prison hooch…. this scared the crap out of me!! But after reading 100+ articles about it, I found out it was safe to make homemade wine! lol

I was looking to make small 1-gallon batches. I wanted something I can use for my first fermentation with the fruit and my second fermentation without the fruit.

So here is a simple kit you can use, that will not take up a lot of space on your counter and the second container will have a spout so you can pour yourself a glass whenever you want!

Again, this is really for newbies trying to make a small batch of wine.

First Fermintation Fermentor

Second Fermintation Fermentor

Buy it here: (You get two jars, so you can start a second batch right after first fermentation)

  • 1 Glass Jar with a spout (I used this because I wanted to easily transfer this to bottles or just drink right after the second fermentation is done)
  • I drilled a half-inch hole into the lid and put the S lock on this

Other Items Needed

  • Mesh Bag – This is used when you are transferring from the first to the second fermentation so you can take all the fruit out. Buy it here:
  • Hydrometer – You have to measure your alcohol levels 🙂 that is the fun part. Buy it here:
    • One this batch I did the following readings
      • Day 1 – 15% Alcohol Potential
      • Day 4 (After First Fermentation) 9% Alcohol
      • Day 20 (15%) – I actually think it is too strong and would like to bring it down to 12%, so I am thinking my next batch I will do less sugar.

Anyway, if you are interested in these products here is the products I used that you can get from Amazon.

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