Monthly Income from Youtube Ads with 1,000 Subs & 4,000 Yearly Watch Time

So I wanted to share this interesting stat. This is to everyone that is trying to build their subscribers to 1,000+ and a total watch time of over 4,000+ hours over the past 365 days.

The first question you have, if I reach that milestone, how much money will I earn?

When I looked for this question, I always got the same answer, “You will not get paid on your previous views, it will be on the future and there are so many factors on how much you will make”. Which makes sense but that is still not the answer I was looking for. My question is very direct if meet the minimum requirements, how much money “might” I make on a monthly basis?

I have the answer for you here based on my experience!

Some Quick Stats from last month:

I have seasonal views so I get more views during some months. 300 watch time for 12 months would only be 3,600 view time, so I technically would not qualify.

As I said, my account is really the account that shows you what you will earn from Youtube if you make the bare minimum requirements! Lol

So I would say the following:

  • Yearly Run Rate = $788 Per Year if I maintained the status quo. 

There are so many factors in YouTube earnings and I assume they could have been higher or lower based not the type of people that would come to my YouTube channel. I honestly believe my channel is probably on the low side because I do not have a focused niche.

So making focus next year is my plan. I want it to be focused around a niche in that I would enjoy making timeless videos every month so people would watch them for years and years. So for next year, it is my plan to rebrand myself and focus on a specific niche.

So what is my future niche?

Smoking Meat & Making Cocktails

I would love to know about your experience, please feel free to post a comment in the comment section below.

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